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Feature Films

Mona Lisa Is Missing (86 min & 56 min)

On August 21, 1911, Vincenzo Peruggia stole the Mona Lisa from the Louvre in Paris. Nearly 2-1/2 years later, he brought the painting to Italy claiming he did it for patriotic reasons.   Or at least that’s what his daughter Celestina believed.


MONA LISA MISSING is the untold story of Vincenzo Peruggia, the Italian immigrant who committed the greatest little-known art theft in history. For more than 30 years, writer/director Joe Medeiros was obsessed with finding out Peruggia‘s true motive.   So with the help of researchers, art experts and Celestina Peruggia’s children Silvio and Graziella, Medeiros and his team embarked on an epic journey leading them to the Louvre, to Peruggia’s hiding place in Paris, to Florence where he returned the painting,  to thousands of documents in the French and Italian archives. And ultimately... to the truth.

TRAILER (01:28)
Processions of Faith (60 min)

St. Peter's Italian Catholic Church in downtown Los Angeles is fighting to preserve a hertitage that immigrants brought from their hometowns in Italy - the procession.


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